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We’re so excited to bring you our first mini ICFF vendor interview: LZF, brought to us from one of our favorite lighting representative companies Global Lighting. Jennifer and Danielle stopped in at the LZF booth to snap some photos of a few new products and get a little of the back story to this charming brand:

Founder Name: Sandro Tothill and Marivi Calvo–husband and wife team from Spain
Years at ICFF: 7

2Modern: When did you first start making great products?
LZF: 1994 in Spain. We started in our home, moved to an old wine cellar and now create designs and products in the foothills of Valencia, Spain. Every product is handmade, cleanable and flexible.

2M: Where do you get your inspiration?
LZF: The wood talks to me. Inspiration also come from botany and nature.

2M: What are some of the hottest upcoming trends?
LZF: Small grassroots design companies producing products in old-fashioned ways. More focus on the humanities of objects rather than mass producing. Personal rather then industrial design and processes.

Thanks LZF! Remember to check back to the 2Modern blog often under our ICFF 2011 tag to find the latest and greatest from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair taking place this weekend in New York!

Images: Danielle Hirsch and Jennifer Sitko
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  1. Lawnmower Shop

    May 20, 2011 at 9:34 am

    What a stunning array of lighting. The first image is particularly beautiful. May have a go at making something similar for the bedroom.

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