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ICFF 2011: Flux Chairs

Categories: ICFF 2011

The International Contemporary Furniture Fair isn’t just about debuting new pieces of furniture that look good; it’s also about scoping out amazing manufacturing processes and neat technologies. And sometimes it’s just about finding cool chairs that are transformable! We’re confident that if transformers were in the habit of needing portable, storable and easily transformed chairs, these amazing ones from Flux would be the ones they chose.

The folks at Flux call these chairs foldable, and make a compelling argument on their website about how foldable chairs throughout the ages used to be a status symbol, an idea which has fallen out of favor in recent years. We’re pretty sure Flux will be able to single-handedly bring back the folded chair. Check out more here. And you better believe we have a video below!

Remember to check back to the 2Modern blog often under our ICFF 2011 tag to find the latest and greatest from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair taking place this weekend in New York!

Images: Danielle Hirsch and Jennifer Sitko

2 Comments to "ICFF 2011: Flux Chairs"

  1. Fabulous idea, the Flux Chairs surprised me, the project is well defined and practicality mixed with a nice shape.

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