ICFF 2011: Aimee Wilder

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Oh geez. We’ve been huge fans of Aimee Wilder for such a long time. Her graphic, quirky and witty designs grace such surfaces as home textiles, accessories, fashion and print items. There’s just nothing to not love about this fun designer and her great style. Jennifer and Danielle visited her booth at ICFF to ask her about her inspirations and snap some photos of some of her new designs:

Designer: Aimee Wilder
Years at ICFF: 3

2Modern: When did you begin designing?
Aimee Wilder: Graduated from art school in 2001, but began my company in 2008 with designs I had made over the years.

2M: What’s your inspiration?
AW: Nature, old electronics, video games, old toys and animals.

2M: Can you tell us a little bit about your process?
AW: Start designs freehand with geometric shapes, with cut outs and overlays.

2M: And what’s your background?
AW: Graphic design and painting.

Thanks Aimee! Remember to check back to the 2Modern blog often under our ICFF 2011 tag to find the latest and greatest from the International Contemporary Furniture Fair taking place this weekend in New York!

Images: Danielle Hirsch and Jennifer Sitko
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