How to: Boost Your Mood with Paint

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As we sit here typing this post, we feel quite lucky and grateful to be doing so in a room whose color sings to our soul and reflects the sunlight filtering in through the windows just so. Sure, it’s just a derivative of white, but it’s a good white. A creamy, no-nonsense white. It’s a white that has just the right hints of hope and comfort.

What’s that? You want a room color that makes you want to write sing-songy words about it? Oh well you’re in luck. Everyone’s favorite simple, tell-it-like-it-is print and online magazine Real Simple recently posted about the best paint colors to boost your mood. All from Benjamin Moore’s color deck, Real Simple claims these hues will have you whistling a happy tune in no time. They don’t really specify why these colors in particular are such mood boosters, but we smiled when we looked at them, so that’s enough for us.

What’s your go-to mood boosting color? Do you think the colors you have on your walls right now boost your mood? Let us know in the comments!

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