House at La Encantada, Lima, Peru, by Artadi Arquitectos

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Javier Artadi is a well known architect as well as a professor of Architecture in Peru. His office, Artadi Arquitectos makes projects distinguished by their strong relation between modern architecture and the landscarpe characteristic of the desert coast of Peru. One of his latest projects is the single family house at La Encantada, a subarban area of Lima, in Peru.

Given its sub-urban nature, the house design was developed with the purpose of seeking the strongest relationship between the property’s constructed space and its indoor garden. For that purpose, a compact space design was made, containing the program (social area, private area, general service area etc.), intersected with a folded plan.

This architectural folding is intended to connect the house’s front garden with the indoor spaces through a spacial round journey of single and double heights. In this way the simplicity of the major space volume is altered, but at the same time enriched.

The interplay between volumes and spaces, indoor and outdoor areas, light and shadow, gives the house a geometric quality that is welcome to the eye, not austere but clean and welcoming to the inhabitants and visitors. The big glass doors make this even more intense without interfering with the lines of the design.

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