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With summer coming it has us thinking one thing: seafood! (Apologies to any folks who love sea creatures so much that they avoid eating them; we love the darn things!). Seafood restaurants, wanting to capitalize on our love of summer culture, try to infuse their interiors with nautical or beach themes–often with less than tasteful results. One Texas eatery sure made all the right choices, and we hear the food’s pretty darn amazing, too.

Whether you’re looking for oysters or a little seaside color palette inspiration, Perla’s on South Congress in Austin can certainly deliver on both counts. We love the modern interpretation of these themes. Elements are incorporated sophisticatedly and colors are bright, cheery and put you right in the seaside mood. Yes, there may be an aquarium in this restaurant, but patrons will also be guaranteed to be swimming in style, too. Designed by Chioco Design. More here.

What do you think about beach or seaside themed restaurants? Dumb or perfect? Let us know!

Images: Casey Dunn via Chico Design website.
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  1. jack

    May 16, 2011 at 3:37 pm

    I really like some this your stuff. it’s fab.

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