Featured Artist: Suzanne Koett

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We all know art is a very personal, subjective experience. Sometimes it’s easy to say why you like a piece; maybe you’re connecting with the medium, the bold colors or some other element. Other times it’s too difficult to explain why it is that you like a piece; it’s just a gut feeling. Photographer Suzanne Koett has us constantly vacillating between those two extremes.

Without doubt, her work, specifically her personal work aside from her professional portraits, places and people, hits us right at a gut level and we instantly love it. We can certainly pick out things we like about her photographs–the subject matter, the color palette, the lighting–but there’s also just this instant, inexplicable love that is harder to put into words. Somehow simple yet hinting at so much more, we think Suzanne is an incredible photographer with a truly unique eye–not just the one she looks through her lens with, but one in which she seems to see the world a lot differently than the rest of us. Please visit her website to see all of her work.

Images: Suzanne Koett
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