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Featured Artist: Robert Melton

Categories: Art + Graphics

Man we just can’t get enough of photographers who value controlled frames and modern color palettes. Robert Melton, also a great visual artist and videographer, has photography work that says a lot by showing a little. Of his photo series, we really enjoy his “Wonder Year” and “Teenage Wasteland” the most.

Wonder Year features Frank Lloyd Wright-straight, horizontal lines that carry your eye back and forth across the photograph, leaving you wishing you could see past the edges of the frame. Unbelievable groupings of random items–birds, balloons–appear at once chaotic and controlled. In “Teenage Wasteland,” a futuristic, washed-out, post-apocalypic world is documented, with a color palette that makes us feel more serene than too worried about the future. His videos also feature a similar, stripped-down aesthetic, but with a powerful narrative punch in each one. More on his website.

2 Comments to "Featured Artist: Robert Melton"

  1. Hello. Could you please put me touch with Robert?

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