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Well, the colors of fire, anyway. We’re not implying that actual fire or fire motifs (we shudder to even think) are being incorporated into interiors and fashion, but we are seeing a lot of rich and bold yellows and oranges brought into the fold. Being warm colors, these are the kind of hues that can really get you motivated, energized and pumped up for the day ahead. Maybe not the sort of thing to relax in at night, but maybe so, too, you know? You could just choose yellow, or maybe just choose orange, but if you really want to be bold, use them both.

What do you think about the colors of fire, yellow and orange, in interiors and fashion? Do you dare use them both at the same time? Let us know!

Images: Book the Look, Simply Seductive, Fermob, CB2
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  1. Sheila

    May 19, 2011 at 9:04 pm

    I love orange in design. Why not pair it with a bit of yellow? A modern orange sofa with yellow pillows makes a bold statement.

    Creating a custom color palette with orange as the primary colors will reveal complementary shades of yellow.

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