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DIY: Modern Birdhouse

Categories: DIY + How To

After much trial and error, we’ve stumbled across a bird feeder design–both of hanging and of containing–that will feed the precious cardinals in our front yard and thwart the squirrels. While it’s effective–it sure ain’t pretty. We wish we would have seen this modern DIY birdhouse before we start going crazy tying plastic bird houses and bird feeders up. Next summer. There’s still time for you though!

While it may seem dubious, this DIY Modern Birdhouse design, which we found on everyone’s favorite website Curbly, claims that this project requires no woodworking skills! Incredible, especially for those who may not have access to or desire to touch a table saw. Seriously, this project looks very doable by many folks, and as always they have lots of beautiful photos and clear instructions. More at the original post here.

Images: ChrisJob on Curbly

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