DIY: Modern and Festive Bunting

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If someone had said the word “bunting” to us a few months ago, we likely would have thought they were referring to some sort of sport from England. Little did we know that this crafty word is actually a fun and festive way to bring a little everyday celebration into your home–as well as a little color. Before you start thinking this isn’t for you because it’s too cutesy or crafty, may we point you in the direction of the main shape that makes up bunting: a triangle! This craft is all up over the geometric trend!

We spotted this colorful, patchwork, vintage-inspired fabric bunting project over at I Could Make That. In this incarnation, you’ll definitely need some sewing skills to pull it off. BUT, we actually think this could be adapted using paper and tape, too. Your call, bub. Just remember that you don’t have to have a holiday or a birthday to put up some bunting; it’s always a good time for colorful hanging triangles.

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