Clockwork Orange

Art & Design

A graphic image of the eye-popping rehabilitation scene in the movie Clockwork Orange, illustrated by Kathy Kavan.

Stanley Kubrick exhibition which goes through July 2011 at La Cinematheque francaise, contains research documents, correspondences, scenarios, photos of film shoots, costumes and accessories of his archives. Also an on line exhibition site sets a contest for best graphic creations about Stanley Kubrick’s movies. One of the explanations of the title Clockwork Orange is, it is a metaphor as “…an organic entity, full of juice and sweetness and agreeable odour, being turned into an automaton.” according the novel’s writer Burgess. A second possible meaning in the metaphor, it is an application of mechanical laws to an organism, like a fruit, which has color and sweetness.

Above illustrations contain visual symbolic layers that are open to personal reactions. For more “color me Kubrick”.



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