Bruno Taut = Colorful Architecture

Architecture & Interiors

“In a diary entry dated 17 March 1905, Taut indicated that he was “…increasingly preoccupied with the idea which has accompanied me now for two years: unifying my talent at using colour with my architectural abilities. Colourful spatial compositions and colourful architecture – these are areas which might allow me to say something personal. Precisely for the reason that painting…always brings me back to architecture and the latter, conversely, always brings me back to painting, so that I need not be afraid of dissipating my energies”. On 23 December 1905 he wrote: “The painter in me subordinates itself to the architect – and that is quite in keeping with my nature. For me painting can never be an end in itself”. His pastel drawings of forests and landscapes used predominantly soft, naturalistic colours, in greens, browns, yellows and grey.”

source:bruno taut and picture credits for this site

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