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Gabe Cantor and Mark Plaga met in Raleigh’s Tech Shop and created a wood and acrylic laser-cut system of interlocking blocks. These Blocklets have applications for sculpture, design, robotics and more.

The team has launched the project through Kickstarter (which they recently got funded! Congrats! You can totally still pledge money, too). Rewards include multiple Blocklets kits, some with a personalized logo, as well as a custom built Blocklets table.

Once the project is funded, they will release the design under a Creative Commons license and will create an online community to use and expand the Blocklets line.

Gabe and Mark have recruited local artists as well as the host of Time Warp, Jeff Lieberman, to create sculptures out of Blocklets and display them at the Maker Faire in Raleigh this June. More examples of past sculpture created from Blocklets here.

Put them in the hands of artists and beautiful sculptures get created. Put them in the hands of designers and furniture is created. Put them in the hands of tech geeks and robotics are built. Put them in your hands, and what will you make?

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  1. Nina

    May 23, 2011 at 2:48 am

    Interesting concept and I do believe we will see very creative creations about of Blockets.

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