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Abstract Stone Mosaic Sidewalks of Rio

Categories: Architecture + Interiors, Art + Graphics

Organizing and integrating sidewalks, landscapes and native plants of Brazil by the aesthetic rules of painting established an unique dialogue between the two disciplines: organization of abstract painting as a starting point for the lay out of garden design and species. The name behind this success is Roberto Burle Marx. He created a new universal language for landscape design.

It is especially compelling to see how his work in one field is in tune with the other ones. He made drawings, sculptures, paintings and tapestries. THe visual harmony that exist in his works are translated in the landscape design not only with a simple translation of the aesthetic elements but also by understanding soil adaptation, climate, odor, volume and appearance of the landscape composition stages.

further details here.

4 Comments to "Abstract Stone Mosaic Sidewalks of Rio"

  1. I wonder if the sidewalks make people disoriented and dizzy.

    • I was just thinking the same thing! You can see how gorgeous they are from above, but I wonder how confusing it looks when you’re up close walking through it! Anybody who’s been there who can give some insight?!

      • They’re not disorienting. Simply beautiful. They seem inspired by interference patterns.

  2. this is my beautiful and wonderful state!
    Brazil unforgettable!

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