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As an architect, Dan Hisel probably has to think inside the box quite a bit.  Well, Hisel applied out- of- the- box thinking literally with his Z Box room.  Taking the IKEA concept of self assembly furniture stretching it to room size.  When faced with the proposition of a large open spaces, some of us panic.  What do we do with all that space?   One is tempted to fill it.  With Z Box, you can set up a room and if you do not like it take it down and place it elsewhere without all the mudding of drywall.  Drywall dust, been there, done that.  AND it looks modern and illuminating with diffused lighting, nooks, built in shelves, and lovely wood paneling on the inside for that zen-like feeling.

Not necessarily a room with a view.  But then,  you cannot have everything.  Assembly required.

Assembly video at danhiseldesign.com

Have an infinitely modern day!


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