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Prince William and Kate’s Royal Mansion

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

Anyone else have royal wedding fever out there? I’m absolutely captivated, and no doubt in some big part because William and Kate are near to my age. What must it be like to know the entire world will be watching your wedding? I for one can’t wait to see what her dress will look like. Both William and Kate are hip, young, modern adults, and rich to boot. We had definitely been wondering what sort of home they would live in after their marriage…dare we say we thought we might see a few modern influences?

Well it’s been announced they’ll live in the royal residence Clarence House, and there’s nary a modern touch to be seen. Though, it’s still a bit fun to look at. More photos here.

Images: Christopher Simon Sykes

One Comment to "Prince William and Kate’s Royal Mansion"

  1. I do hope Kate will be able to make changes and update the home for a young stylish couple

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