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Of all the things to think about when filling out your dining room, it can be easy to forget a vital and often overlooked partnership: the dining plate/lighting duo. While it might not seem like these are two items that should even be considered to coordinate, think about it. When your table’s fully set, awaiting guests and food, what are the two things that will grab the eye’s attention most? A beautiful lighted pendant light probably, and the things it lights up for sure! Shouldn’t these two items have some sort of relationship with one another? We think so, and are offering up two fun styles!

Graphic Simplicity: Choose a wildly awesome graphic dining set and pair it with a light that has a lot of sleek modern lines. The star of this show is definitely the gorgeous plates, but their loveliness is bolstered by the light’s loveliness. And incorporating a light with natural elements, like here with some wood veneer, helps keep the combination grounded. In this set are Lights Up!’s Woody Pendant Lamp and Ink Dish’s Irezumi Side Plate.

Pattern on Pattern Bold: Who says you have to create a calm composition when it comes to the dining room? For something really eye-popping, go for two pieces that both have exciting patterns, but give them something in common. We used two patterned pieces with similar color palettes so as not to overwhelm. You can see this creates a pretty darn bold combination, though. In this set are Lights Up!’s WeeGee Pendant and Ink Dish’s Tribal Lines Side Plate.

Which set speaks to you more: the graphic simplicity or pattern on pattern?! Let us know in the comments! Or…create your own to show us how it’s done with the 2Modern Polyvore room styler.

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  1. Jennifer Sitko

    Apr 7, 2011 at 8:40 am

    I love the pattern on pattern. When done right, it can be amazing.

  2. Juan di Santo

    Apr 12, 2011 at 4:54 am

    I’ve said on another blogs, that I’m a light design super fan!
    In this case, what I prefer are undoubtably the fantastic patterns!

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