New on 2Modern: Way Basics, Spot on Square, Normann Copenhagen, Koko, Petunia Pickle Bottom, Early Rider, & more!

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New items from Way Basics!

We are happy to introduce a few new items from Way Basics. The Madison Bookcase, the Cozy Bench, and the Charlotte Table Set. Made with 99% post consumer recycled paper and 1% virgin paper, these are wonderful eco friendly products.

Argington Room to Grow Sale!
Argington is happy to introduce their Room To Grow Sale! With the purchase of their Ayres Twin bed and trundle, you will receive a free nightstand and guard rails! That’s a savings of more than $350.00! This promotion will run until supplies last or 5/15/11
New Crib Conversion Kits from Spot On Square!
Spot On Square has introduced new crib conversion kits for their Roh and Eicho lines. Painted with an eco-friendly non-toxic paint, you can convert your Crib into a toddler bed by removing one side and replacing it with the Crib conversion panel.

New Krenit Bowls From Normann Copenhagen!

Normann Copenhagen has launched a new line of Krenit Bowls! With a simple and pure expression, the Krenit range is a contemporary classic which enables a perfect interplay between function and aestheticism

New Pillow designs from Koko!

New pillows from Koko! The favorite Bazaar pillow is now available in size 15″ x 27″ and comes in four fabulous colors. The Ticket collection offers a fun travel theme with modern style, inspired by “vintage trips full of character and dreams!”

Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring Collection!

We are pleased to introduce the Petunia Pickle Bottom Spring Collection on 2Modern! PPB has added multiple new fabrics to their original collection as well as a handful of new bags and purses. They have established them selves for making great items with the baby in mind.

New bike colors from Early Rider!

Introducing new bikes from Early Rider. Featuring the same great features, quality, and safety you’ve come to expect from Early Rider – but now with a dash of color! The Early Rider Lite Series Child’s Balance Bike is now available in Pink; the Classic Series Child’s Balance Bike is now available in Pink as well as Blue.

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