How to: Marry Two Styles

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Whether you are moving in with a new roommate or you and your honey decided to take the plunge into cohabitation, there can be an uncomfortable and unexpected side effect when all inhabitants love design: two distinct styles that may or may not complement each other. We’ve got the tips to have a seamless moving transition and end up with a home everyone feels connected to and enjoys.

Have to keep/can’t live with Before any moving trucks show up, you each should go through one another’s homes and pick out 3 items you absolutely refuse to live with. It could be the nude playboy bunny posters. Perhaps a recliner from 20 years ago. Maybe it’s an atrocious paint color. But, you both also get to choose one “I have to keep this” item, too.

Take it room by room One way to tackle this issue is to have each room reflect one person’s style. This is best reserved if the two styles are just too divergent to ever be connected. Each person can have their say in the look of a room.

Find the common ground You might be a country vintage and him a stark modern, but there’s got to be something your stuff has in common. It could be a color, pattern, shape or love of vinyl records. Start there, fill in what is in common and pick and choose the rest.

Go shopping together We’re not suggesting you get rid of everything either of you owns, but this could be a great opportunity to start over and find a style together.

Images: Adrienne Breaux via Apartment Therapy and Gregory Han via Apartment Therapy.
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