How to: Fake it Until You Make It

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The phrase “fake it until you make it” could apply to quite a many things. For the purposes of this modern-centric, family-friendly design blog, we’ll be using it in reference to faking a clean house when maybe it’s not so clean.

You’ve probably noticed a flush of spring cleaning posts around the Internet this time of year; it’s a human’s natural inclination to want to freshen up their surroundings when the wildflowers and birds start popping up. But who has time for a full-on spring cleaning? Or even have time to keep clean all the time?

Thank goodness for Real Simple Magazine; they published “How to Fake a Clean House,” a room-by-room guide to “faking” a clean looking house, especially for when guests might be on their way. You don’t want to lean on these tips for years–you won’t be faking anyone out if you don’t really clean in that long, but this sort of list will get you through a busy week (okay, month) and certainly make your home seem cleaner to any guests.

Have you ever “faked” a clean house? What are your favorite tips from this list? Do you have some faking it tips you’ve discovered yourself? Let us know in the comments!

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