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good + tidy

Categories: Modern Decor + Objects

Have you ever made a salty mess ? What about a peppery one ? Take a look at this really innovative salt and pepper shaker set called good + tidy. Pre-orders are going on now at kickstarter!

This post comes courtesy of our “make a guest post” page. Got a great lead, product find or idea? Share yours and it could make it on the 2Modern blog!

3 Comments to "good + tidy"

  1. Why are blog posts getting less and less informative? This post explains nothing about the product. Here’s a tip for bloggers: work for a print publication and learn how to inform your reader properly.

    • Good point Helene. This is actually a guest post that was submitted by the creator of this product. We see these as more of hints to whet your appetite to what these products could be, but we’ll certainly take your feedback!

    • Helen, what more do you need to know?

      Salt Shaker.

      If you can’t figure out by the pictures, I would venture to guess that words wouldn’t help much either.

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