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Featured Design Element: Breakfast Nook

Categories: Architecture + Interiors

The term “breakfast nook” is such a darling term. Conjuring up images of a happy couple and perfectly behaved 2.5 kids with the family dog patiently waiting anyone to drop a crumb from their homemade french toast, breakfast nooks aren’t always sickeningly adorable. They can be sexy, sleek and modern, too. Like an example we spotted in a sea ranch residence by the classic architecture firm Turnbull Griffin Haesloop, as spotted on Remodelista. Man we’d like to drink some orange juice out of this breakfast nook.

What do you think about breakfast nooks? Nice? Too nice? Modern? Useless? A dream?

Images: Remodelista and Catrin Morris via Apartment Therapy

4 Comments to "Featured Design Element: Breakfast Nook"

  1. I love the nook great idea.

  2. Breakfasts nooks are a great idea; and a great way to create some shared-purpose storage by using bench seating — which is ideal for an area with limited space.

  3. I built out a breakfast nook in my own home and it is the most cost-effective square footage I own. It gets used far more than any other portion of the house. Thanks for sharing some other examples.

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