DIY: Pantone Magnets

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Of all the elements in a home that contribute to the overall design, it can seem like the most insignificant element, or at least the smallest, would be the magnet. We dare not say refrigerator magnet–plenty of metal places in your home can accommodate these magical little pops of color. Because that’s what they can be…pops of color. But, they can also be miniature representations of your personality.

Seriously think about it. Next time you’re at a friend’s house, check out their magnets. We bet they’ll be indicative of what kind of person they are. As such, you should also take a look at your magnet collection. Does your home’s magnet inventory match your personality? If it doesn’t, or even if it does and you just want to add to it, we’re loving these cute Pantone color chip magnets, as seen on Curbly. Suitable for silly and starkly modern interiors. We’re also huge fans of projects that can be finished in one afternoon, as we suspect this one could be.

Images: Jessica from How About Orange
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