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DIY: Modern Wood Tealight Holder

Categories: DIY + How To

If you can saw through lumber and wield a drill, you can totally do this DIY project we found, which would look awesome in a modern interior space, a modern outdoor space and be an awesome gift for folks who like cool, modern, handmade things. And think of all the customizable options! They chose a nice dark stain, but couldn’t you see this working with a sweet, modern color and some high gloss finish? Or some neat wallpaper? We’re overwhelmed with what could happen with this idea. We need to go grab a drill bit that size! As see on The Polka Dot Chair, via I Could Make That.

Images: The Polka Dot Chair, via I Could Make That

2 Comments to "DIY: Modern Wood Tealight Holder"

  1. Great idea and it seems so simple. You could use different color stains or paints and really customize it too.

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