DIY: Large Graphic Wall Sign

DIY + How To

Do you have things to say that you feel need to be displayed in your home, loudly and largely? Or perhaps a favorite quote you feel so passionately about you need to find a spot for it in your living room? Or maybe, like us, you just enjoy the graphic pop of some typographical words adding variety to the other wall art in your home. My friends, this DIY large graphic wall sign project is for you.

There are lots of ways to get words up on your wall, but there’s something about this project that not only aesthetically appeals to us, but instructionally appeals to us, as well. You’ll find amazing text describing how to do this project, and we believe this would be a fun project to tackle on one weekend afternoon. It holds plenty of customization options, from the colors you would choose to especially the text. We like a project where the hardest part is choosing what quote to put on your wall. As seen on Nothing But Bonfires.

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