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Spring and summer are coming…can you feel them? Not only will your interior spaces have to be in tip-top shape for all those fabulous dinner parties you’ll be throwing (because we all have the time and are all great hosts) but you’ll also want to make sure your outdoor spaces are looking good in case guests care to mingle in your garden. If you’re looking for the perfect addition that’s flexible and fun, we suggest a modern indoor/outdoor bench.

Why an indoor/outdoor bench? Benches are an excellent thing to have around. They’re perfect for extra seating for unexpected guests, can be used up against the wall, in entryways or even as extra seating at the dinner table (more space-saving, too, as you can stuff more folks on a bench than you can chairs). When used indoors you can create lovely looks and varied vignettes involving pillows, storage boxes, plants, books and more. And of course, if you choose an indoor/outdoor bench, your ability to use this piece of furniture anywhere multiplies.

What to look for when choosing a bench for both outdoors and in? A sturdy, long-lasting material like wood (with a good protective coating) or metal means it’ll withstand both wild guests and weather. A stream-lined design means it’ll be lighter to carry in and out based on your entertaining needs. And of course, a modern design is just aesthetically nice to look at. We spotted the perfect example in DIY on Ana-White.com.

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