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We wouldn’t be so brash to say that every person who’s into modern design also has a soft spot for vintage style, but we bet we wouldn’t be far off if we did. There’s a respect for those great designs of the past that definitely invades many modern spaces…and adds a lot of personality to otherwise starkly cold interiors.

We spotted this book, Modern Vintage Style, first mentioned on Oh Joy! We agree with Joy and the lovely things she says about the book’s author, Emily Chalmers, and would love to get our hands on this book. From Amazon:

“In Modern Vintage Style, Emily Chalmers – interiors stylist and owner of hip boutique Caravan – shows how using vintage items in a contemporary context can introduce humour, flair and personality to a home. Decorating should be fun and inspiring, so there are no style diktats; no ‘this-must-go-with-that’. Modern vintage is all about trusting your instincts and taste and using a bit of imagination in seeking out the right items to create a perfect balance of old and new.” More at Oh Joy! and on Amazon.

Images: Photos by Debi Treloar via Oh Joy!
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