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A Modern Twist on Mother’s Day Flowers

Categories: Fashion + Trends

foliage necklace by Blend Creations

You can’t go wrong with flowers for mom on Mother’s Day, but now you can spoil her with a favorite bloom that lasts forever!

Blend Creations foilage necklaces

We are really digging these innovative necklaces by indie brand, Blend Creations. Combining sleek stainless steel with real flowers preserved under acrylic, you can carry spring and summer pretties with you all year long! Designed by husband and wife, Eric & Vivian, out of Ottawa Canada, they’re really a harmonious blend of modern meets organic design, perfect for any contemporary mama!

Blend Creations foilage necklaces

We love how casual and easy they are for everyday, yet still so unique and pretty. The only questions is, how to choose between a blue hydrangea and pink queen anne’s lace? Which flower do you think your mom would like best?

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2 Comments to "A Modern Twist on Mother’s Day Flowers"

  1. I actually have purchased another necklace from Blend Creations. It is so pretty. they have quite a variety. It is nice to see an earth friendly great company here! And i had an error checking out and they were quite responsive and nice.

  2. I ever wanted to give her something like necklaces and other types of jewelries however, it’s something that I can’t afford so I just gave her a bouquet and she loved it. :)

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