We Like What They Do: LAMP

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LAMP we’re not just liking what you do, we’re LOVING it. If you love modern furniture design but get a little tired of always seeing the same design elements over and over again, you’re going to love what these LAMP folks are doing. They’re taking known shapes and modern ideas and tweaking them ever so slightly to create a whole new subtle aesthetic. Just see what we mean:

“LAMP is a company dedicated to producing timeless furniture and accessories for the modern lifestyle through melding old world craft with new world technology. Scott Fisher, an artist and furniture designer, is the companies founder and head designer. LAMP produces hand made Heirlooms thats beauty is apparent at a glance and reinforced upon interaction. LAMP is constantly producing new and innovative work.”

They just had their official debut this weekend, and rumor is they’re already off to quite a successful start. Everything is made to order, so you know it’s high-quality. Scott says LAMP plans to do 3-4 collections a year that will be about 6-10 pieces each. And the best news? The 2nd collection is already done and being photographed now. LAMP we like what you’re doing.

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