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We really like when we can see the character and past of a piece of furniture. It’s one reason why we flock to vintage and antique pieces so much–sensing a piece’s story is almost as rewarding as enjoying its aesthetic value. That’s one of the unfortunate things missing to many modern furniture designs–the piece is so new you must adopt it in order to give it a story (which can be kind of fun, too). Brothers and Sons has combined the past and the future with their Squash Court Tables, made from–you guessed it–reclaimed squash court floor.

The piece it its current iteration might be new, but that squash court wood, well that’s just full of stories. Business partners hashing out a corporate deal while sweating. Two almost-lovers getting to know each other some physical exercise. A solo single stressed out woman wondering where her life is going while slamming a squash ball over and over again across that wood. Magical. See more squash tables and their other designs here.

*Correction: While those fabulous chairs in the bottom photos were in fact built by Brothers and Sons, they were designed by Kirsten White. We love them to much to take the photos down, though!

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