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Who doesn’t like when things in your life come or go gradually? Sure spontaneity is nice, but so is the chance to get used to something before it hits you over the head all at once. Ombre, or that subtle, soft, and gradual pattern that starts with a light color and slowly makes it way to a deeper, richer tone, is something that always gets our engines revving.

Ombre is cool because it’s a way to introduce color into your home that isn’t harsh or show-stopping. It’s just a simple way to bring new colors into your palette. And can we say how sophisticated it looks? We can. You want to add some instant class to your house? Ombre’s got your back.

This is a trend that’s existed before, and will no doubt come into vanguard again in the future. For now, we’ve just been spotting it in a few places recently, and just like to cue you into it. Perhaps there’s some room for ombre in your space?

Some hot ombre leads:

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