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Trend: Big Blooms

Categories: Fashion + Trends

Our friends at Graham & Brown have really hit the nail on the head. We agree completely with their assessment that big, beautiful, girly florals will be a big deal in the home this spring season. Of course, wallpaper’s a dramatic and bold way to incorporate them, but you could also bring in flowly and flowery florals with textiles, graphics, art or even accessories. Obviously men and women who like feminine interiors will love this trend the most, but don’t completely ignore it if you’ve got eyes only for the strictest of modern patterns. Try incorporating a little floral in your home and see what happens!

They’ve got a ton of florals to view. Check out the interview we did with one of Graham & Brown’s trend and color experts. And check out Graham & Brown on 2Modern for more fabulous florals.

One Comment to "Trend: Big Blooms"

  1. A color palette that i love! I would like to like to decorate my house like in these pictures. Now who’s gonna help me to decorate my house? I need a specialist. My husband will surely enjoy the change that i made.

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