The most funny gifts for gf or bf!!!

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A collection of most funny gifts I’ve ever seen.

1. Voodoo knife. It looks terrible, horrible but I’m sure there are people who like such toys ;)

2. Cup set “Adam and Eva”. Two elegant white cups fro her and for him is perfect for romantic evening. But isn’t they look funny?

cups, adam, eva

3. Funny watchman. It has a function to reproduce recorded voice in 1 metre radius. Why not to use it at work? ‘Even do not think to talk to me right now’ – will warn the funny watchman.

4. Perfect petzzz. Most of people like pets, but who like clean after them, teach them? They are always tear wallpapers and newspaper! Either what to do if your kid wants to have a pet? Well there is a solution – Perfect Petz! It always sleep, looks nice and has real dog hear… so soft and warm. Moreover it breathe like real! And when you stroke it you feel calm and peace…

It is good antidepressant!

5. Funny toilet paper. Up your mood started from your the first visit in toilet! This paper was specially created for people with good sense of humour. It consist of a collection of most funny jokes. Smile every day! Smile every where!

6. Fluffy slippers. Are you frozen at work? Want something warm and soft? Try fluffy slippers, equipped with USB heater! While you work on computer or doing other stuff with less body movements keep your foots in warm.

7. Frozen Smiles Ice Tray. Good idea for decorating cocktails or other drinks.

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  1. Dan

    Jan 30, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    These are some great gift ideas. The frozen smiles ice cube tray is funny but random.

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