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I love good art, good ideas, and good causes, but all three together?  Talk about a trifecta.  If you’re down with art/ideas/causes too, check out The Hello Poster Show right this minute!


The Hello Poster Show is a Seattle-based fundraising exhibition featuring silk screened posters created by designers and artists from around the world.  The show was founded in 2009 by Benjamin K. Shown and Alanna MacGowan as an outlet for designers and artists to flex their creative muscles for a good cause.

Each poster design is available in a limited edition of 30 prints through The Hello Poster Shop for $20 a piece and all proceeds go to charity.

The Hello Poster Show is currently accepting submissions for their 2011 show “LOST or FOUND”.  Click here to learn more and submit work!

LINK: hellopostershow.com

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