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If you’ve ever seen something you loved and could-not-live-without on 2Modern before but also felt like it was just a bit out of your price range, then this post is definitely good news for you. 2Modern has a sample sale going on, and this could be just the ticket you needed to finish decorating your house (or at the very least add some pretty sweet modern home decor to your home).

How does a sample sale work? Why are all these items so darn cheap? Well, the items are usually returns, samples or discontinued items–opened packages and ‘almost new’ products. Don’t worry, you’re still getting that quality you know and love from 2Modern. And the “how” is super simple–just go to our sample sale page to see all the current sale items and follow the instructions to purchase your favorites. The best part: new items are added on the first of each month, so in a couple of days you’ll have a fresh new batch of deals to ogle over!

And today is also a March One Day Sale! Today, March 30th, you can save 10% off on orders over $250 by using the code “March.” Today is the day to stock up on your 2Modern favorites.

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