Polyvore: Natural or Natural with a Pop?

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We love rooms that are bathed in natural elements and soft color palettes found in nature. They are calming, peaceful and sometimes even good for the environment. 2Modern has a wonderful array of these natural elements that work together so easily. It’s simple and fun to combine these accessories and furnishings to create your own natural environment. But, sometimes an all natural decor style can be lacking in boldness, and you have to incorporate some color to find your right style. Which one works for you?

In the first set, we’ve got some beautiful natural elements like Wallter’s Outdoor Hanging Planter, IndiB’s Natural Rhythm Rug, Way Basics’ Cozy Bench and Koko’s Flora 13×20 Pillow. We love how they all coordinate so nicely and what a calming look the whole combination creates.

In our second set, instead of a more natural, botanical-themed pillow, we add a Wallter Flop Pillow, a Balanced Design Pods Pillow and P’kolino Play Ottoman (that we think adults can use, too!). You can see how the addition of some color and pattern really adds some pep and pop to the composition.

Which do you like more? Weigh in in the comments below. And play with mixing natural elements and bold colors yourself with Polyvore!

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  1. jaxa

    Mar 31, 2011 at 9:35 am

    Definitely natural with a pop, and thanks because this simple set of 2 photos has just shown me one of my major design mistakes. I always go for the style on the left, figuring you can’t go wrong sticking to a few colors. But the one on the right is so much more interesting!

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