Modern Book Corner: Poster Annual 2011

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Remember back in college when movie, themed and other types of posters littered your walls and showed visitors what your tastes in cinematography, alcohol and even women were? And then remember when you grew up and were mortified that you could have ever thought posters could be used as art? The posters in today’s Modern Book Corner focus aren’t those kinds of posters, and you’re going to wish you had more walls to dedicate to filling them with what you see in this book.

From the Graphis website: “Graphis Poster Annual 2011 features over 170 of the most visually compelling posters of the year, selected from international entries. For your interest, we are also presenting museums that collect posters, among them Q&A’s with curators from the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City, the Victoria & Albert Museum in London and the Danish Poster Museum in Denmark. This is an opportunity for designers seeking to have their work collected in museums; the curators offer criteria for how and why posters are selected for inclusion in their collections.”

“The Cooper-Hewitt purchases only those pieces on its wish lists of posters and iconic graphic designers; the Victoria & Albert Museum makes purchases and accepts donations, with selections being based on a poster’s significance in style, form, technique and importance within the art form; while the Danish Poster Museum does not reject any posters, and collects only through donation.” Buy it here.

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