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During a visit to Markus Linnenbrink’ studio by Sight Unseen, he honestly admits that for a while he had no idea what to do with color. He was even afraid of it till he started mixing colors and getting mud and dirt and eventually figured out how to get the brightness. Exploring colors in his own medium, he now creates amazing surfaces by using dry pigments and epoxy resins over different substrates. Color is included  in most of his projects,  from painting installations to colorful vases, found objects to new materials; he uses color in a daring manner with great results. I am excited to find out about his approach to materials and colors with open possibilities while searching his own tune.

After all, the starting point for a color composition is not what colors go with which colors, but it is “how much, how often and where” as Josef Albers would ask. Markus Linnenbrink clearly embraces the magic of colors.

for more about M.Linnenbrink‘s Sight Unseen interview.

and his own site

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