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A beautifully aesthetic home can catch breaths in the throat, send shivers down the spine and make you want to frolic through modern hallways filled with contemporary art and stylish details. You want to know the one thing that can ruin an aesthetically pleasing view in an instant? Hint: it involves one of your other senses–smell!

A stinky home or one which doesn’t smell fresh can be a major bummer and undo a lot of the great designing work done in your house. So what to do? We’ve got tips to get your home smelling fresh to leave a lasting impression on guests, and make your stay in there more enjoyable.

Eliminate existing odors Go away for a few days and catch an unbiased whiff of your home or invite a trusted friend in for an honest opinion. You might not realize that your dog is a bit…fresh. Or that there’s some weird smell coming out of the garbage disposal. Or that you need a trash can that closes better. Really assess the situation and figure out where odors are coming from and do what you can to neutralize them. And maybe give fido regular baths.

Give it a good clean Sure clean your house’s normal places as usual, but don’t neglect areas that you don’t always get to, especially those that can get a bit musty or stinky. Examples: your rugs, your window treatments and your upholstery. Febreeze is a great tool when it comes to freshening those areas, just be sure to ventilate the room so that you don’t feel like you’re walking into a Febreeze commercial.

Fresh, pungent flowers Nothing is better than nature’s air fresheners: flowers! Some of our favorite, strongly pleasantly smelling flowers are gardenias, daphnes, peonies, and tuberoses.

Make sure your place is ventilated Sometimes you don’t really need a lot of artificial smells or even all that much work if your place is just too stuffy. Fix windows, install screens and screen doors and open that house right up.

Bring in the good smells This is a tough one, because you really don’t want to overwhelm the senses with fake smells. We like organic, soy candles that give off good smells, like Austin-based Soy Delites. Pick a few of your favorites and light the same scent in a few rooms of your home to create a nice, pleasant smell that will filter throughout your house.

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