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We talk about a lot of serious subjects here on the 2Modern blog. Modern architecture and modern furniture design and modern interiors—we mean serious business when it comes to all things modern. But we don’t want a slew of stuffy, boring spaces popping up just because we hit on a lot of serious topics. If you haven’t noticed already, we enjoy a little fun every now and then, too. Here, for your fun-infusing pleasure, are some ideas on how to infuse a little goofyness in your interiors!

Mix up patterns Wanna show you really know how to let loose when it comes to interior design? Mix and match patterns, a little haphazardly, and see how out-of-control you’re willing to let graphics get. Mixing and matching different patterns like florals, abstracts, retro and other prints will bring in excitement and set the tone for some fun.

Bold colors This is no surprise. Bubbly, fun people often live in pretty colorful homes. You can’t be shy with the bold colors though; don’t just bring in one or two accessories. Splash big, bright colors on walls or get real gutsy and buy a boldly-colored couch.

Fun accessories Like, dinosaur statues. Or a giant replica of the Starship Enterprise. Or a bunch of framed board game boards. Don’t be insincere and bring things into your home that aren’t something you like, just tap into your personality to find something quirky you can incorporate into your home.

Movable art Mobiles are a magical, movable thing to add to your space. They create a sort of kinetic energy in a room, and you’ll like how it makes your space almost interactive, or like it’s got a mind of its own.

Don’t take yourself or your home too seriously Would you want to live in a sterile laboratory? Neither would we. We’re not saying let the trash and dishes pile up, but allowing a pillow out of place here or there, or not fussing over details when you have guests over will go toward creating a casual, comfortable and fun environment!

Images: Metropolitan Home via Apartment Therapy; Lilias Pettit-Scott via Apartment Therapy
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