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How to: Calm the Senses with Blue

Categories: DIY + How To

Okay okay, we talk a lot about blue over here on the 2Modern blog, but it’s for a good reason. Not only is it in abundance in nature (hello, sky and sea) but its ability to invigorate and relax is an amazing attribute for only a color. Today we’re focusing on ways to use blue to dial down the drama a bit in your home (as opposed to using black to add it).

Wall paint Nothing can say “I’m cool…I’m calm…I’m collected” like just the right blue as a wall paint. Of course, the right blue depends on the person, but sticking to lighter hues, as well as blues that have a tinge of gray to them, can really help.

Textiles If you’re not interested in doing any painting (that would probably be a very unrelaxing activity, if you’re anything like a clutz like we are), then adding some soft blue colors into your home can be a great help. It sounds cliché, but rugs, throw pillows and throws really will blanket any room in a soft cloud of comforting blue.

Blue art Did you think we were going to say blue accessories? While they are all lovely, to really get a calming feeling happening in a space, we suggest large areas of blue that can really sink into your eyeballs and affect you emotionally.

Images: Home Design on Marthastewart.com, Carriecan.com, Head Over Heels and Three by Sea.

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