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Happy spring everyone! As we all begin to shake off the winter doldrums, clear out the cobwebs of our minds and get ready for the fresh, renewing season of spring, don’t let a very vital time of the year sneak up on you: spring cleaning. Spring sprung officially on March 21st (yesterday) but it’s up to you to decide when it’s time to begin this annual tradition. It’s more than just cleaning your house from top to bottom; it’s decluttering your home so you can declutter your life. And we’ve got the tips on how to get started:

Sit down and make a list Don’t just start going at things without a plan; you’ll get burnt out quick. Make two lists: the things that need to get cleaned and the things that need to get cleaned out (or organized). Get nitty gritty with it: organize it by room, then by project in each room, then actually list out everything that needs to get done for each project (take for example if you know you’ll need some organizational tools like shelves to tackle a closet organization project, put that on the list).

Know thy self Know yourself and know if you hate cleaning or organizing or both or none. This will help you decide your timeline of action–in what order you’ll be tackling these great lists you’ve just created. I personally like getting things over with that I don’t like first, so I’d clean and then tackle organizing projects.

Get the right tools Go over those great lists and see what you need for each project. Do some Google research to find the best cleaning project to tackle a seriously bad cleaning spot (mildewed shower or baked on oven grease, for example). Once you get on a roll when you decide to start organizing or cleaning you’re not going to want to stop midway to have to go pick something up. That’ll up your chances of never finishing the project.

Schedule it Pick an actual weekend that you set time aside to tackle these lists, and write it in the calendar. Feel free to schedule a tentative reward after you’ve finished everything.

Enlist some help Firstly, anyone who lives in your home (save for maybe less dexterous pets) should be in on this whole spring cleaning gig. Even little kids can help with age appropriate projects. And if everything that needs to get done seems too big to do, consider hiring a maid for a day or a professional organizer. It’s worth it.

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  1. Jessica A

    Mar 24, 2011 at 6:48 am

    Thanks for the post very useful and systematic order for how to prepare for the spring cleaning. I will definitely follow some of your tips.

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