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Survey your surroundings. Are things looking too “cutesy”? Are your spaces not taking you seriously because your color palette is too adorable? Just feeling like you need to infuse your rooms with some drama? Black’s back in a big way this year, and there are many ways in which this all-purpose color can add graphic pops to your space. In order of dramatic effect:

Accessories The safest place to start. Indulge your trip to the dark side by incorporating a number of black accessories for a space. Just remember how powerful pieces this color can be; make sure you balance your additions out (don’t just put one big, black item on a table, sprinkle accessories around the room).

Furniture Adding black furniture to a space might seem like a bigger deal than it actually is…think of how many furniture pieces are already black and seamlessly incorporated into homes. Obviously case goods and tables are the safer choice, but get a little bold with an upholstered piece and see how the drama gets ratcheted up.

Window treatments/rugs The thought of hanging all-black curtains or installing an all-black rug seem a little too “Addams Family” to you? Go for a pattern with a strong black color component to add instant drama and ease you into using this color more confidently.

Walls Do you dare paint a wall black? Really, it’s just a wall, so feel free to take the plunge. If you do, we suggest going all the way—paint an entire room’s walls black. Rooms where this makes the most impact? Small spaces like powder rooms and bathrooms, rooms with rich, architectural details and rooms where a lot of light comes in.

Need a place to start? You better believe 2Modern has plenty of awesome items in the black department. Here are six we’d start with:

Do you have black in your home? To what degree? Do you stick to accessories or do you go nuts and have it in furniture and textiles?! Let us know in the comments–and be sure to include your failure and success stories for others to learn from!

Images: 2Modern and Rue via Apartment Therapy

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