Food/Design: P*ong Dessert Bar

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It must be fun getting to design for a dessert bar; after all, who doesn’t love to relax over a big hunk of cheesecake at the end of a long work day? But remember, with all the sweets being served within, a designer has to be careful that the design of the interior itself isn’t too sweet, lest they give patrons a sugar rush. We think Andre Kikoski’s P*ong Dessert Bar in New York is a perfect example of balance.

It is all about balance, isn’t it? In life and in dessert. You can’t obstain from all of it, but you certainly can’t indulge all the time, either. P*ong is the architectural embodiment of that balance. Sleek lines and simple materials mingle with low lighting to create a more serious, sophisticated atmosphere to enjoy your pie with, and retro details help infuse the space with a little fun. This firm has a great eye for style and of course, balance. More here.

Images: Eric Laignel via Andre Kikoski website
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