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We usually try to stick to residential featured design element inspiration, and specifically to design elements that could ostensibly be incorporated into your own sweet home, if you felt so compelled. Every now and then we have to dip into the world of commercial design, however, for an element that we think would look pretty sweet in homes, even if it’s not exactly something you see a lot of now.

We’re talking about the wall that’s lit from behind. Usually seen in restaurants and bars to highlight particularly tasty liquid treats, we can’t help but feel its siren call for the application of highlighting collections in homes. Couldn’t you see a sweet modern bookshelf, lined with priceless and valuable accessories, lit from behind? Creating a mod and organized wall filled with shadows that upon closer inspection, reveal their true identities?

Okay we’ve said our piece. Yesterday we were knocking the absurd-to-us-but-admittedly-adorable trend of hanging beds. Could shelves and storage lit from behind be an element that should be turned into a trend? Say for yourself in the comments below!

Also, three 2Modern bookshelves we think would look smashing lit from behind:

Images: via Dick Clark Architecture’s “detail” section of their website
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