Featured Design Element: Built-in Room Dividers

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But 2Modern, you say, isn’t a built-in room divider just a wall? The term “built-in room divider” does sound like a fancy name for a wall, but we’re actually referring to something else. Something a little more…modern. What do we mean?

We don’t pretend to know everything about modern architecture and the movement that started decades ago, but we do know one thing, walls aren’t exactly a favorite. They stifle spaces, block traffic flow, don’t let in a lot of light and a host of other things. They do offer that premium of elements, privacy, but at what cost?

One of our favorite solutions is when an architect adds in a half wall, or a suspended wall, or some other sort of structure that isn’t quite a full wall, but still delineates space. It’s a fresh take on that whole wall business, and well, we’re big fans. A perfect example? Craig Steely’s home in Hawaii. As seen in Dwell and photographed by Linny Morris Cunningham.

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