Featured Craftsperson: Brave Space Design

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Brave Space Design first won over our hearts and minds with their clever, thought-provoking and breathtakingly beautiful Mountain Coat Range. How one piece of wood could be transformed into something so stunning, witty and functional is quite a treat, and we’re happy to say that every other item of theirs is a delight for the eyes and senses, as well.

Brave Space is surely no one trick pony. Other pieces of theirs that make us swoon? Their Planar storage pieces feature some simple but fresh angles on case goods. Their Tetrad bookshelves are a nerd and gamer’s dream. Their Hollow tables take simple lines and tired shapes and invigorate them with fresh blood and inspiration. Their Light Box is something I want, like right now.

Okay you caught us! We do carry Brave Space Design on 2Modern, but that doesn’t make the words we said in this post mean anything less. We truly love the craftsmanship of this company, and their eco-friendly approaches to a lot of their practices are pretty sweet, too. Check out Brave Space Design on 2Modern or on their website.

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