Featured Artist: Jules Buck Jones

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Jules Buck Jones doesn’t just have a name that makes him sound like the leader of a ragtag team of swashbuckling and sexy pirates, he’s also an artist creating art that is making us feel wild and excited and alive inside.

We first learned about Austin-based Jules Buck Jones during Art Night Austin’s events at a downtown gallery named Champion. Though there were many artists there we liked, Jules’ work stood out so much. Combining casual almost frenetic line work with a warm-toned color palette, he creates portraits of animals that are stunningly beautiful.

Focusing on owls and foxes a lot, his work evokes the ancient cave drawings of our ancestry, but also looks to the future with an otherworldly reverence for these creatures he captures. We’re not saying we know for sure that he talks to animals, but we wouldn’t mind having him along with us for a trip to the woods. More of his work on his website and the gallery’s website.

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