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Nature is awe-inspiring, no doubt. Looking out over a valley or vista, it’s amazing to imagine the sheer expansiveness of it all. We feel the same way when we glimpse upon man-made structures, new and old. To know another human once dreamed something, then had the knowledge to build it–it’s immensely overwhelming. You can imagine, then, that we have a tremendous amount of respect for photographers who dare to try and capture the human beauty of man-made structures.

We’re finding a lot of inspiration in architectural photographer Casey Dunn’s new artistic black and white pieces. Already an established architecture and interiors photographer for print and online, Casey hasn’t just taken some of his old work and taken the color out of them…with his new pieces you’re left wondering whether he considers himself an artist or a photographer first (though, is there really a difference?)

In his “Alone in this City” series, Casey photographed architecture while traveling through the country on a separate assignment. The difference between these shots and other photos from architectural photographers is Casey isn’t just trying to capture a stand-alone structure, but rather a moment in the life of a building, occupying a spot in a city, existing for a space of time that no one—not even the building—knows how long.  It’s the simplicity of these shots that makes them so brilliant. Each one of these photos is like one of those moments when you’re standing in a city you love, and all the noise of the city falls away for a moment, and your eyes take in a view and you think to yourself “Hmm, I’ve never seen that angle before.” More information about Casey and his photos here.

What do you think of Mr. Dunn’s work? What’s your favorite photo of his? What’s a building in your city you find to be incredibly photogenic?

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